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Formatter Question - Does the "Extract Text from File" transformation exist?

  • 30 March 2023
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Is ChatGPT making up capabilities that don’t exist?

For context, I asked ChatGPT to provide instructions for reading a google doc: 

Prompt: I would like to use ChatGPT to summarize the contents of a file on google drive using the Zapier plugin. Can you provide me with instructions for how to do this? 

GPT has repeatedly offered up the instructions below, however, the capability it references doesn’t appear to exist.

  1. Add a Formatter step:

    Since ChatGPT API may require plain text input, you might need to convert file content into plain text.

    a. Click on the "+" sign below the Google Drive step.

    b. Search for "Formatter" in the "Choose App & Event" search box.

    c. Choose the "Text" action event and click "Continue."

    d. Select "Extract Text from File" transformation.

    e. In the "Input" field, map the "File" field from the Google Drive step.

    f. Click "Continue" and test your Formatter step.

Specifically, I find no option “extract text from file” on the list of available transformations.


I am newer to using Zapier and so it’s likely I’m misunderstanding. However, given that ChatGPT has been known to embellish I wanted to share with the community for guidance.


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Hey there @Jay-stram-shandy,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

I did some digging into this, and it seems like the Formatter "Extract Text from File" function doesn’t exist. That being said, I suggest double checking the response of ChatGPT since it is not yet fully polished and they are still dishing out updates to the app.

Hopefully this helps! 😊

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Thank you!! I am glad I shared this in case others run into a similar issue.