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Client name missing from Harvest

  • 1 February 2022
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For some reason zapier will not show the client name when writing a zap to create a new record in Airtable…


it shows the client ID, but not the name… any ideas?


Best answer by nicksimard 2 February 2022, 00:17

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5 replies

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Hi @Skibones 

You may have to keep a lookup table in Airtable to use in the Zap to convert the Harvest Client ID to the Harvest Client Name.

Hi Troy - This is what I thought… and I’m failing miserably to achieve that very thing :sob:

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Hi @Skibones!

Your question inspired me to write an article about how to solve this using webhooks: 

It’s actually not so complicated to do, even if you’re not familiar with webhooks and API documentation.

NOTE: Webhooks are a Premium feature and are available on the Starter plan and up.

The way to do it by using something like Airtable as an intermediary would be as follows:

Export Clients as CSV: To Build Your Lookup Table

In Harvest, export your clients as CSV then import to Airtable (you could use Google Sheets too):


Zap 1: This Keeps Your Lookup Table Updated
Once you’ve built the lookup table, you’ll want to add all your new clients there.

Trigger: Harvest — New Client
Action: Airtable — Create Record

Zap 2: Use the Lookup Table

Now it’s time to check the lookup table to “convert” the Client ID to the client’s name.

Trigger: Harvest — New Project
Action: Airtable — Find Record (using the Client ID from your trigger step)
Action: Whatever else you need to do, using the name you’ve retrieved from Airtable :)

Hope that helps to clarify things a little for you!

I’ve sorted it using AT look up field.

but thanks!

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@Skibones Awesome!

I’m sure someone else will run into it, then maybe the article will be helpful. Glad you got it sorted :)