Can you use Paths for columns in Google Sheets?

  • 16 October 2022
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Hi @cb2022 , 


This is definitely doable using a Lookup Row in Google Sheets step and Paths by Zapier :) 

What you need to do is the following: 


  1. After the form submission (which should be the trigger) add an Action that is Lookup Row in Google Sheets by searching in the Emails field guide. Dont forget to set the “Should this step be considered a "success" when nothing is found?” to “Yes”
  2. Create a Paths by Zapier where the condition would be “zap success = true” and another one for “zap success = false” 
  3. Now you have 2 paths, one where you have an entry for this email address (the action in this path would be to update the google sheets row) and another path where there is no email address available in the google sheet so the action would be Create new row 

let me know if this works for you :) 

Did the same concept works for column elements?


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Hi @robinsah , 


Im not following, can you please give me an example of column elements?