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  • 25 January 2023
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our problem statement is - we generate 30+ data points which have to be shared with other businesses based on certain filters.

flow would be - user interacts with Languify- 30+ data points generated - data entered into zapier -- data shared with relevant business absed on filters - businesses comment on the data - which reflects back in our dashboard


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Hi @Pavi 


Please share the API Documentation of the app you want to integrate with Zapier so we can help you better. 


Also, what do you mean by “user interacts with Languify” ? 

User interacts means user enters/registers their information


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Hey @Pavi! I see you’ve also written into our support team about this. I’m going to share their response here incase anyone else shares your question:

The team at Languify hasn’t yet built an integration directly into Zapier. Most of the integrations on Zapier are built by the teams who first build the apps, so it might be longer-term helpful to reach out to Languify, and tell them about the kind of integration features you’d like to see. 
Right now, it might still be possible to send information from (APP NAME) into Zapier:

  • The Languify API may be able to send an HTTP request webhooks towards Zapier, containing some customer and transaction info:
  • Or you might be able to build a fully customized integration with the Languify API, using the Zapier developer platform:

Both of these methods are more technical processes than using an already built-in integration, and would be highly relative on what’s made possible by Languify API. It would take some research and testing to confirm what’s possible. You might find it helpful to contract the services of an agency that specializes in custom automation: — they could help to research what’s possible with various APIs, and implement a specialized workflow for you.
Otherwise, a different kind of integration might be possible — if Languify is already logging purchase info in another place like a Google Sheet, or an email notification. Zapier could see the new lines added to a Google Sheet, or parse the contents of an email notification that arrives in a simple template format.
In case you're curious, here's more on how new services typically get added to Zapier:
Even if an app doesn't directly integrate with Zapier, there may be several ways that we can interact with it. This article on the Zapier Community helps outline some of the common ways that we can use Zapier's other actions to help access the information you need for your workflow: