Auto Generate Charts based on Survey Responses

  • 30 March 2023
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I have actually posted a similar question to this before.


I have changed my criteria slightly, so am wondering if anyone knows an app that can work for me, or if a developer can offer me a custom service.


In short, we ask people to complete surveys and in exchange we sum/average their data points and provide feedback for them, i.e. “Your average was 3.4 out of 5. You should do XXX”. Right now, we extract the data from Qualtrics, put it into Excel, generate the chart and insights, PDF and send. Very manual and slow!


The experience I want:

  1. User completes a survey (Qualtrics - we have paid subscription so can use Zaps)
  2. Behind the scenes the numbers are crunched and the chart created.
  3. Then the User receives EITHER:
    1. An email with a PDF’d report attached that contains charts based on their answers OR
    2. They are given a user to our Invision Community platform (we have it connected to Zapier) where they can access charts based on their results 


I am willing to pay for apps and services as appropriate so please feel free to suggest paid-for app solutions if you know any.


Fingers crossed!





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5 replies

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Hey there, @knockoff - thanks for reaching out in community. 🤗

I took a look at your original post and it looks likes Andy and Danvers recommendations should still work!  

It might still be worth taking a look at some of the categories mentioned in his reply to see if any of them meet what you’re looking for regarding the chart step. 🙂

If you are interested in hiring someone to take this on for you, you can look into hiring a Zapier Expert.

I hope some of this helps and eager to see what you come up with here! 🧡

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Hi @christina.d thanks for the response.


I did check their original answers, and I have looked at your links too. Thank you for sharing them.


Most of those analytics tools are for pre-defined analytics needs, i.e. analysis of sales leads etc. What I need is more likely a visualisation tool. Whilst the ‘Documents’ category seems like it could contain what I need, there are so many apps in there I do not know how to search it. Can you recommend how I filter the list, please?

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Hiya @knockoff - no way to filter these searches at the moment but that’s a solid recommendation!

Another way to start is a reverse search through Google and once you have a short list, double checking the app directory to see if a Zapier integration is offered. I came up with these options. 🙂:

I also wanted to share this incredible article my teammate Danvers wrote on working through if and how Zapier can help:

Full transparency, I don’t have much experience with these apps but once you’re up and running if you have specific questions, definitely feel free to let us know! But hopefully with some of the recommendations plus what Andy mentioned in his original post that’ll at least get ya started though. 🤗

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Thanks @christina.d. I will go through these links, which seem very helpful.


I am happy to write about and share my experiences with other users after I’m done, so let me know if there is a good forum to write that (or if I just write my findings here).

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That’s great to hear @knockoff! I’m so glad Christina was able to help point you in the right direction here. 😁

Yes please! We’d love for you to share an update with us here. Looking forward to hearing how that goes!