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Adding formulars to excel sheet

  • 22 May 2020
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Hope you could probably help me.


Actualle I am using Google Spreadsheets for my reporting which works really fine as I also can use the “Update row” action to add formulas to my report by simply adding “=formula()” - for example I calculate the calender week this way. Google Spreadsheets accepts this and calculates it right away.


Now I am thinking of switching to Excel using the same action but in the Excel sheet I always get the “#name?” error even when everything is right. I got this error after Zapier has updated the data. I I know click into this specific cell and hit enter, the error is gone and everything is calculated. But that's not how I need it as this is no automated calculation.


Do you have any clue / hint how to solve this problem and be able to enter formulas via Zapier directly into my excel sheet?


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Hi @Marcel ,

Thanks for reaching out!

I am escalating this to Support as they will be able to take a look at your specific Zap configuration to help troubleshoot and provide guidance. 

Someone will be in touch via email just as soon as they can!

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Hi @Marcel!

I'm checking in with you here, since I don’t see a response to the message that our Support team had sent you. Have you managed to resolve things or did you still need help here? Please let us know :)

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Have you tried using Array Formulas? Im not sure in Excel, but in Sheets they work.

Array formulas run a formula on an entire column. 

You need to be careful with the criteria by using if/then to determine if the array formula should apply.

So for example on a blank row, you probably don’t need to run the formula.

=ArrayFormula(IF(ISBLANK($A$2:$A),"",SUM($B$2:$B))) is an example of what I mean.

So if the A2:A is blank, the output of the array formula for that row is blank.

You can run these in excel, but its done a bit differently.