5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Using Zapier

  • 7 November 2022
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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Using Zapier
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In this video, I’m gonna discuss 5 common mistakes you should avoid when using Zapier.

Time stamps:

  1. Multiple filters: 0:09
  2. Line items used incorrectly: 1:33
  3. Zap loops: 4:04
  4. Multiple Zaps triggering on the same event: 6:32
  5. Line items vs comma-separated text: 8:47



Hope you enjoy it! 

4 replies

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Thanks for this, however on that last point, it shows as a string and when I add it to a webhook, it seems to be keeping it as a string. 

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Hi @jordy1234 , 


Glad you enjoyed the video. 


In item number 5 (line items vs strings), you need to run it through the formatter AND map the results of the formatter not the original results. Is that what you did? 

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Hi @MohSwellam ,


yep, mapped the output of the formatter.


while the output looks correct in the test, once I try and map it doesn’t work. 

the same thing happens when I try and import a CSV.  I explain it better in one of my other questions to the group which is hey to be answered

Any help would be appreciated 


I do note however, that it works if I put it into excel or sheets, just not my webhooK or my CRM third party app

Pessoal, boa tarde!

Não estou conseguindo conectar minha conta Jira. Como proceder? 

Preciso criar um zap do formulário google vs Jira.