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Zapier logging is not working properly

  • 29 November 2019
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I'm trying to fix an issue in a webhook trigger so I turn to logging everything via z.console.log to find out what is going wrong.

Here's how the operations bit look like in my trigger module:

operation: {

        type: 'hook',

        performSubscribe: subscribeHook,

        performUnsubscribe: unsubscribeHook,

        perform: getItem,

        performList: listItems,

        sample: sample


So, I enable the test zap, fire the webhook and I expect to see some logs when I run the cli command "zapier logs".

Running the command, sometimes it gets me a 503 error, saying "Logs are temporarily unavailable, please wait 15 minutes and try again". Some other times it does return things but I would only see logs from the "performSubscribe" function and nothing from the "perform" or the"performList" functions.

I have set a send mail action in the test Zap and I do get an email when I fire the hook, so am I right to presume that one those "perform" functions are indeed being called?

I have a z.console.log on the very first line of both those functions so if they are being called there should be a line in the logs.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me out here.



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Hi @tavana

With an error like that, you'll probably get a quicker response/resolution on this by opening a support ticket ( Support is 24/7, but may be a little slower this week due to Thanksgiving.

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Hi @tavana!

503 errors with services (include Zapier's logging) are usually temporary service problems, and tend to fix themselves in a relatively short space of time.

If you haven't yet submitted a Support ticket let me know and I can escalate this post for you

Thank you Andrew & Danvers

I did submit a support ticket as you suggested.

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Hi @tavana thanks for letting us know - I'd love to hear what the outcome is so we know what the problem was 🙂