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Zapier instant trigger having dynamic data

  • 7 August 2023
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I am trying to make my own app’s trigger using cli-integration.

I cant use static output fields, my trigger have dynamic output fields, defined according to input field.


I am based on this example that might be outdated it seems, considering the doc: at section

“Testing triggers to return test records”


My trigger have one input, an idProject, which is used to know what kind of output the trigger will have ie what  is the json structure of my webhook push.

my API will then push notification following the schema of the given idProject.

So I make zapier call my API to fetch some sample data, like in the github example (performList) even though we are using a rest web hook. 


When making the zap at the test trigger phase, it fails with “Unable to pull contacts Please reload the page. If the issue persists, troubleshoot error or contact Support.

Error code: Error while retrieving: RequestId: 8fd5ba10-4a43-48b7-bbf3-6cc08b1c376e Error: Runtime exited with error: signal: aborted”

in cli, zapier logs does not show me any errors related to this


Pushing instead of responding to the zapier call

Since i was planning to send in the response to the zapier call my sample, I noticed it was wrong according to the doc, so I should try to push to the zapier notification reception url ?

In fact it is said that Zapier is “listening for a test trigger”. From my API, how do I know at which URL to push the data ?



Thank you for your time


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solved: the github example was right. We just put the sample in the response to the zapier call