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Why dynamic field capability disabled in triggers forms?

  • 31 January 2021
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I have some trigger which one of his input field should be generated dynamically based on previous input field in the same from (trigger). Is there a reason why Zapier disabled this option in triggers while in actions it’s enabled? 


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Hi @HadarR 

Can you clarify what apps you are using?

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@HadarR  Just to confirm - are you building your own Zapier integration in the UI tool and wondering why there’s not an option to add dynamic fields there - or did you build such a trigger with the CLI and it’s not rendering right in the Zap Editor?


I suspect you’re asking about the former case.  To build a dynamic field for a trigger input you’ll need to move your integration work to the Zapier CLI, and there you’ll have complete flexibility to take advantage of those inputs. Once you’re into dynamic fields, and you’re comfortable with the coding required, I think you’ll be way happier working in the CLI in the long run.  The convert tool works really well now and your project will be structured well, with nice clean code, and you’ll end up with just another version in your existing integration project.


As for why dynamic fields aren’t in the UI tool for triggers… That’s a good question.  When we were building the new UI our goal was to keep it as simple as possible for beginners, and dynamic fields can be tricky.  At the time there wasn’t any of demand we could detect for dynamic fields in trigger inputs, from UI based developers, so we omitted it.  I feel like there may have been another blocker at the time, but can’t remember clearly. 


I’m keeping an ear out for demand for this in the UI, and we’ll consider adding it, but at the same time I’m wondering if we need to do more to encourage folks who are relying on code-centric features like dynamic fields to have a look at “graduating” their projects into the CLI environment where the coding/testing/SCM experience is superior.   Give that a shot and let us know what you think.