want to access the trigger of my api from postman

i have successfully integrated the app with Zapier and implemented OAuth 2.0 and triggers. The trigger is effectively fetching my API data which is deployed somewhere in aws. Now, I would like to know the process of accessing my API via Postman. Specifically, I want to access my API, which is integrated within Zapier, using Postman.

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Hi @bilal malik ,

Great work getting the integration up and running!

The Zapier integration itself does not have a separate API that could be used in Postman.

In Postman, you could certainly interact with your product’s API directly. For example, if your product’s API has an endpoint with which you could create a new record, you could potentially POST a new record from Postman to your API. If your Zapier integration has a trigger that polls for new records, a Zap would likely see the new record when polling, causing the Zap to trigger independently. The distinction is that Postman and Zapier both interface with your product’s API independently rather than each other.

Does this make sense? If this isn’t helpful, could you please share a bit more detail about the use-case you have in mind?

I would like to test my work by allowing our clients to access my data. I'm considering using Zapier as the integration platform. How can our clients access my data through Zapier? Can Zapier be tested using tools like PowerBI, Excel, or any other method?

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Hey @bilal malik ,

You’re welcome to share the integration with users so they can test it in their own Zaps. 

Here’s a handy resource with more info:

In their own Zaps, users could certainly test with the apps of their choice, like Excel, etc.