"View Source" now available in the web-based developer tool

  • 8 April 2021
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We added a simple, but useful, new feature to our web based developer tool this week - the ability to see the source definition of your Zapier integration.  

To see the json definition of your Zapier integration, click Advanced on the left-hand navigation, and then choose “View Source”. 



This is handy for those who want to look a little deeper into how their integration is represented in the Zapier platform. Have a look at the schema documentation and you’ll get a pretty complete understanding of what you’re building when you create a Zapier integration.

When you work with the Zapier CLI you are essentially creating this definition, directly in JavaScript.

A number of developers have expressed the need to be able to identify and confirm changes from one version to another.  Here’s a quick demo of the feature, and how you can use this source definition to get a diff of two versions of your integration: Watch Version Diff Demo

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