Validate Rest Hook Subscription

  • 21 July 2023
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Hi there,


I’m attempting to set up a few rest hook triggers that require hook validation. I can see from a few previous posts/replies from @Zane & @ikbelkirasan that this isn’t typically possible, but the service I’m trying to work with (Keap) does support a delayed validation so I’m wondering if can be implemented in the perform.

The hook subscribe response comes back as:

"eventKey": "string",
"hookUrl": "string",
"key": "string",
"status": "Unverified"

With Header: X-Hook-Secret and a verification code as its value. Per their API reference, they say to either verify with the initial response (which I know from your previous replies is asynchronous and not possible) or to use their delayed verification endpoint:

POST to /v1/hooks/{bundle.subscribeData.key}/delayedVerify with the same X-Hook-Secret Header value and code pair.  (ref:

Is this possible to implement in the perform? I’m not an expert so I don’t know how to access the header info in the subscribe data bundle or if it’s even possible, or if it’s allowed to make a separate request in the perform, etc.

Would really love to be able to implement some rest hooks for our needs, so any advice is much appreciated!

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