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  • 15 December 2023
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I’m experimenting with the work required to create a Public application for our software platfrorm against our API and have some questions.  For context I’m creating the application using the Zapier CLI and so far having some successful results defining our endpoints as “resources” folowing along with this sample.

Stopping get operations after create?

I can see the “get” operation being called after the “create” operation as described in the documentation. Our create request returns all the data and so doesn’t need this extra call, can it be disabled? I realize I could do this by not defining “get” but that leads into:

Using get operations after hook triggers?

On the other hand our webhooks are “thin” in that they only have minimal ids, it doesn’t look like the “get” operation is automatically called after the “hook” trigger. Is there a way to automatically configure this to happen? If not what’s the best way to handle the “thin” webhook scenario? The “get” operation defined on the resource doesn’t automatically get used as a “search”, should I be duplicating “get” as a “search by id”?

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Hi @Nigel Sampson 

Regarding “Stopping get operations after create?”, I would suggest reaching out to our Developer Support team via so that they can view the integration, see what the GET operation is for, and provide solution to prevent it from being sent.

For “Using get operations after hook triggers?”, in the ‘perform’ function for the hook trigger, specify the GET request to be sent. That way, after the hook is received, a GET request (the specified one) is sent and the response is returned from the trigger’s ‘perform’.

Hope that helps.