Use environmen variable in zapier cli -> authentication.js ->fields -> helpText

  • 6 October 2022
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I can’t make my deployment smooth, because i can’t just switch my environment and push changes, because also i must change link to my authorization page at helpText (because it still doesn’t support environment variables). Is there any way to use environment for help text now or i must always remember to change my helpText manually every time i switch between integrations of same API, but different countries (each country has different set of actions/triggers, so i can’t just use single integration).

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2 replies

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now i use custom js file with configuration and use confiruration from it instead of environment to avoid environment limitation. It’s enough for my usecases.

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Hey @zigzag 👋

Thanks for posting the solution you’re using in the meantime to include dynamic environment variables in the authentication helpText. 

It doesn't look like environment variables currently get loaded, or are accessible when fields are retrieved, including field help text, but it sounds like functionality others may find useful, so I've submitted a feature request to the developer platform team with your use case.

In my research here, this request has been made before - see here - and has not been prioritized at this time - sorry to not have better news for you!