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  • 6 October 2020
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Hi all, 


I’m trying to authenticate to another API (Encompass by Ellie Mae) 


They have github repos here:


Specifically I’m trying to make a call to get an access_token


If I make just the simple request in python:

import requests

data = {
'grant_type': 'password',
'username': '<username>',
'password': '<password>'

response ='', data=data, auth=('<api_client_id>', '<api_client_secret>'))

It doesn’t work - comes back with unidentified client. 

I’ve tried everything - can’t seem to get the access token through Zapier - which is making it impossible to integrate. 

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1 reply

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It looks like they are using a resource owner password flow, which maps best to our “Session” authentication type.  You’ll gather credentials from the user, then request a token using the credentials, then use the token on each subsequent request.  When the token expires we’ll call that token exchange request again, and retry the request with the new token.  





If you’re having trouble getting a token from the API, I’d suggest reaching out to the API provider.  Their docs assume you’re using their SDK, from what I saw in a quick skim, so you’d need to dig in to confirm exactly what they are sending over the wire.