unable to add a input Field (Allows Multiples)  inside Line Item Group.

Hello Zapier Community,

I am unable to add a input Field (Allows Multiples)  inside Line Item Group. 

Zapier allows me to add input Field (Allows Multiples) only outside Line Item Group. 

Can anyone give me the idea how to achieve it.?

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Hey @Srinivasan happy to look into this with you! Can you tell us more about the apps you’re using and how your action step is set up with those line items? It can be super helpful to see a screenshot of how you have that step configured. Just be sure not to include any personally identifiable information in there!

i want to add a a input Field (Allows Multiples)  inside Line Item Group as in the above attached screenshot...

app name is TransVirtual & Action Name is Create Consignment... 

Want to add Items( input Field (Allows Multiples) ) inside Rows (Line Item Group).


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@Srinivasan Thank you, those screenshots and details are so helpful! I can definitely see that you’re able to type in those fields but not actually insert data from the previous step.

I wanted to ask, as I don’t see this app listed in our public app directory: Are you a developer who is adding the TransVirtual app to Zapier using our developer platform? If so, I want to get you in front of the right audience!

If not, did someone invite you to utilize a private version of the TransVirtual app, (which may still be in development)? If so, you would definitely want to raise this issue with them to have them look into it.

Let me know and we can figure out the next best step to take here!

@jesse  Yes. I am a developer who is trying to add the TransVirtual app to Zapier using developer platform. Our product is similar to DE-Track & below is our API request Model,





"SenderAddress":"Level 2",

"SenderAddress2":"15 Hunter Street",






"ConsignmentSenderPhone":"02 4900 0000",


"ConsignmentPickupSpecialInstructions":"Stair Access Only",



"ReceiverAddress":"Level 1",

"ReceiverAddress2":"10 Yilen Close",





"ConsignmentReceiverPhone":"02 4908 4000",




"ReturnPdfLabels": "n",

"ReturnPdfConsignment": "n",

"SpecialInstructions":"Hand Unload Required",











    "Description" : "Carton",

    "ItemContentsDescription":"Car Parts",


















    "Description" : "Pallets",

    "ItemContentsDescription":"Car Parts",













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Thanks for letting us know @Srinivasan. I’ve moved your post to the Developer Discussion category as that’s the best place to get help if you’re developing a Zapier integration 😊