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Trigger that returns mulitple-rows

  • 28 October 2021
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My organization has an existing restful service that returns an array of objects when called.  This can be constrained by a date range and authenticated using basic auth.  I’ve been able to successfully call the method when building the Zapier trigger.  When I test the API call I see the API returning multiple-rows.  However when I attempt to use this Trigger in a Zap to write out a file with the rows returned - I can never get more than one row to render.

The scenario we’re supporting is a client accessing this method to get results that have changed during a specified time period.  This could return from 0 - n records.  I’m just trying to set up a test zap that returns a CSV file or Excel file with multiple rows.  Our understanding is that the clients are using an application with Zapier integration.

Is there something specific that needs to be done with the data being returned from the API?  Is there something that has to be done after the call to expose all the rows it returned?

Appreciate any insights, this is my first time using Zapier and as a developer of 20+ years my brain has a really difficult time dealing with visual programming systems.

Thank you!


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Hi @JamesC42 

Check out the Zapier Platform docs:

“For questions about building Zapier integrations, email, where our Platform team can help resolve issues you encounter while building Zapier integrations, and our Partnerships team can help launch your Zapier integration.”


Thank you, I have reviewed the documentation and found it lacking - I’ve been stuck at the same spot for more than a week.  I will follow up with the address and hope for the best.

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Hi all! 

I wanted to pop in and update the thread with some of the resources Alejandro from our partners team provided. I hope it helps!:

Here is the documentation on polling triggers and sending more than one event per webhook request. A similar scenario has been brought up in our forums with some possible options if I understand the problem you are trying to solve:

Specifically this bit from the above thread: 

Webhook action step can be used to make a GET request and can handle authentication.

I suggest reading up on the help documentation here:


Looping Zaps can be done in a few ways:

  1. Code step using custom Javascript or Python
  2. Combo of steps involving these apps Webhook, Code, Filter