Transfer: PostgreSQL - Zapier Tables

  • 28 June 2023
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We have Scheduled Transfer set for every hour where we take a custom query to return new or updated records in several tables. Destination app is Zapier Tables where we Update or Create Records. Transfer works fine but we get Timeout while waiting for lock: saw-lock:TableCLIAPI@1.12.0:upsert_find_record::4942eec5cb61575ad14b6adfe5b45958 in Zapier Tables.

Zapier table has 4000 records. My assumption is Zapier API is taking longer than 30 sec to find the record and when that happens we get Timeout error?

Please let me know why we are getting this error and how can we resolve this.

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3 replies

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Hi @adilalich 

Good question.

Which Zapier plan do you have?

Zapier Tables limits:


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Hi @Troy Tessalone 

We are on Teams. Tables, Fields or number of Records is sufficient. The issue lies with Zapier Tables' inability to import bulk data through Transfer.

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Probably best to raise this issue with a ticket to Zapier Support: