the "Test Trigger" is not returning any records

  • 20 May 2022
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I have create a new Trigger which looks for new & updated records from my API.

I am configuring a Zap to test it out, I fill out the required fields and when I click the “Test Trigger”, I get the message “We couldn't find an update”. However, on my API I have logging. I see the request to the API come from Zapier and I see the records that are returned, so the API is working correctly, but I’m getting this message that it doesn’t see any data?

Am I missing something or is this a bug? The API is clearly returning data. (I’ve also verified this from PostMan).

Not sure how to proceed as my API working..

Also, Wanted to add that I can successfully test the trigger from the developer page. When I test the trigger, it shows the returned data:

So again, this appears to be a bug with the “Test Trigger” functionality??



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2 replies

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Hi @ElixirMike 

Good question.

Believe this may be related...Zapier Status Page:


Thanks, I just tried a few minutes ago and it seems to be working again….