Testing a Trigger Successful, but no Triggering Happpens

  • 10 March 2022
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I am developing the Zapier integration for my business. Right now we are testing the Zap with some clients, but the Trigger that should start the Action does not trigger. It works fine when Testing it. But after the Zap is turned on, nothing happens, and the trigger doesn’t trigger (and no Zapier History logs).

Flow: My App => My Trigger => My Action => Save in Google Sheets
All works fine when testing it before turning it on.

How can I make my trigger, trigger, or find what’s wrong with it?

PS. This is a shared app that is not yet published.

Best regards, Ras

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2 replies

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First thing to confirm is, are you sure new data was created in your app after the Zap was enabled? Assuming you’re using a polling trigger, when the Zap is turned on, Zapier takes all rows your trigger fetches and adds them to a “dedup” database and will not process any of those existing objects. On next poll if your trigger retrieves an object that is not in the dedup list, it’ll consider than a new event and trigger the Zap with that object. 

This is why it’s essential to have your data returned in reverse chronological order, and explains why the “id” field is so essential.

So, turn the Zap on, then create a new record and that should trigger the Zap. 

To process existing data, you might have a look at Zapier’s Transfer feature (in beta), and support for it in the Developer Platform.

This is all just a guess as to what’s going on, but would explain why the Zap Editor test step works, but the Zap doesn’t generate tasks. And it’s a not-uncommon gotcha for folks new to Zapier.

Gotcha. I think that’s a very good guess, that may have had me confused when testing.

However, my worry was that I could not really see how often the trigger was triggering (still don’t know where to see it) and wasn’t sure if the trigger would be triggering when it wasn’t live. Just a bit unclear what to expect from the trigger (for me anyways).

I’ll continue my tests and get back to this thread