Session Auth Input Form not allowing Dynamic Fields

  • 25 August 2022
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I am trying to include a Dynamic Field in the Session Auth Input Fields and included the function to be called in the fields under authentication.js. 

Now the zapier push --debug is giving me the following error

property: 'instance.authentication.fields[1]',
message: 'is not of a type(s) object',
schema: '/FieldSchema',
instance: '$func$2$f$',
name: 'type',
argument: [ 'object' ],
stack: 'instance.authentication.fields[1] is not of a type(s) object',
codeLinks: [
docLinks: [

Looks like Session Auth Authentication Input form uses FieldSchema rather than FieldorFunctionSchema. Can anyone confirm If we can use dynamic fields in Session Auth Authentication Input form?

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2 replies

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@Zane / @christina.d 
Could you provide the answer for above question? I am in an urgent need if this information. Thanks In Advance.

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Hi @venkatesh !

We do have documentation saying computed fields are available for Session Auth, though of course that documentation is for the Visual Builder, not CLI, though both versions should be the same under the hood.

Have you tried the zapier validate command?

If that documentation doesn’t get you pointed in the right place, you might try to see if you can accomplish what you’re trying to do in the Visual Builder just to see if it’s possible.

If not, we might need to look at some more details in the code you’re trying to push. If you don’t want to share it here, and we don’t want you to share anything private or proprietary, the best bet might be to contact our platform support team so they can take a closer look at your code.