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Seeing app "version blocked" message

  • 9 June 2021
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What would cause a zapier version to get locked?  We had an issue where environment settings were updated incorrectly, leading to errors.  When we tried to fix this, we noticed our zapier version has been locked.  This wasn’t done on our end (that we know of).  What are some reasons why a version would get locked in zapier?


Best answer by ikbelkirasan 9 June 2021, 17:20

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Hi @samirahafezi_clio - Do you mean that you created that version in UI and you can no longer modify it? If so, when you have more than 5 active users, you’ll no longer be able to modify that version, you’ll need to clone it and bump the version number. Once done and when the issues are fixed, you can then migrate the users to the new version. Hope this helps.

Hey @ikbelkirasan thank you for replying!  I think my original question wasn’t clear (apologies on that).  Yesterday we updated some environment variables by mistake through the Zapier CLI leading to a lot of errors.  When we went back to try to update them, we noticed that Zapier had marked version 1.8.17 of our integration as blocked.  We had to bump the version up to 1.8.18 and promote that in order to unblock our integration.  The thing we don’t know is how our version got blocked in the first place as no one on our side has (knowingly) done it. Is this something Zapier does automatically if it sees a lot of errors coming through?

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@samirahafezi_clio - Thanks for the additional details! I don’t have experience with apps getting blocked so I’m not sure what could be the cause. @Zane should have the answer you need. Thanks in advance!

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@ikbelkirasan has the right answer here - an app version is immutable if it has >= 5 zaps referencing it, if it is currently the promoted version, or if was once a promoted version.

Something I learned looking into this is we’re showing the ‘version blocked’ message in the log only when you try to push to it (and Zapier blocks it), not at the moment when the version becomes immutable. That confused me looking at your history and lining up the dates of events and gaps between them.

Re-reading your question: Was this actually blocking you from simply changing the environment variables back to correct values?  Or were you trying to do a push/save on the app version itself? 

Thank you @Zane and @ikbelkirasan for your help!  I was wondering if you can help me with a follow up question related to this issue we had (or point me to a help centre document where I can find out more info).

When our zapier instance was down because of the incorrect environment variables, zaps weren’t executing.  We’d like to communicate this with our end users and let them know if they can re-play those failed zaps.  Is this possible?  I.e. is it possible to replay or re-trigger the zaps that weren’t triggering in the 2 hour time frame from June 8th somehow?  If it is, would you be able to point me to documentation I can forward to our end users?

I think I found my answer here - . 

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Here’s docs on how users can replay failed tasks.


In Zap History, you can also filter by dates, apps, zaps etc


Let us know if you have other questions to get that communication out. It’s awesome you’re doing that, by the way - your users will appreciate it.

Thank you @Zane!  I really appreciate your help on this!