Searching in dynamic dropdown using search-bar and search action

  • 8 November 2021
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Hi everyone,
We are creating an integration in zapier, in the integration we want to fetch data from our application and populate that data as dropdown.
for that we used two approaches.

  1. use dynamic dropdown with trigger and search action
  2.  use a dynamic field to populate another field with choices.(this doesn't support pagination so we need to get the data at once and that is being done when zap is loading, so if we are fetching large amount of data then our user need to wait until that data is being fetched.)

The first approach fits better in our requirement since we have a long list to populate in integration and we don't want to pull the whole data at once, so that we are using the pagination property provided by zapier ( and it's working fine but the problem is the search functionality.

First: the search bar in the dropdown only search from the loaded data, we want to fetch the data from our app based on what user has searched in the that search bar. so how can we get the value of the search bar and pass it in our next call that can be done by "Load more"(pagination call)?

Second: we tried to use search action as well, but in search action it's selecting the first value from the result by default and not giving the set of result that is provided by out API call in form of an array for searching, so how can we get a list of result that is provided by our API call and let the user select from that searched result list in search action that is bundled with dynamic trigger?

So can you help us to find the best solution for our integration?

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