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Search within a paginated dynamic dropdown

  • 4 August 2021
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Hello! I’m currently creating a trigger that returns a dynamic list of objects. This list of objects supports pagination, so the user can load an additional 10 objects by pressing the “load more” button.

I’d like to implement a way to search for a specific object, even if it isn’t listed; currently, if I have, say, 20 objects listed, and use the built-in search bar that shows up in the dropdown menu, it will only search through those 20 objects. This means that if the object that I’m looking for is, say, the 25th item, then it won’t show up until I press load more.

I noticed that the dynamic fields schema accepts a property called search, so I went ahead and linked up my search to the aforementioned list trigger. However, it still acts exactly the same; it seems like the search isn’t called at all. 

My question is, is this functionality possible? Or must the user first perform the search in a previous action, and then use the result as a variable?


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Hi @tabitabibito - The search bar actually works with the data that’s already loaded so if the item you’re looking for appears in a page that wasn’t loaded yet, you won’t be able to find it there. So, you’re right, a separate search step would be needed.