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  • 25 April 2022
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I have a scenario to which I am unable to find an answer in the documentation.

Scenario : I have an App with version 1.0.0 promoted to use by any zapier user. Now what would happen If I do zapier push or zapier promote  ( trying to upload the new changes to same version) for the same version 1.0.0? will it update the production version or will not let me push this existing version?

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1 reply

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Once a version is promoted, or if it has more than 5 users it is immutable. To make any change you need to create a new version. In the CLI this is done in the package.json file.

After you’ve tested, you can run the migrate command to update your users’ Zaps to reference the new version - being careful you didn’t make breaking changes or introduce bugs. When ready you can promote that new version to make it the version users see when setting up new Zaps.