performResume step not being called in create action?

  • 14 July 2021
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Hi there,


I have a `perform` and `performResume` step in my create action. I call `z.generateCallbackUrl()` and pass that to my API in the perform step. My API sends a POST request back to that callback url after about 10 seconds. 


By looking at `zapier logs` I can see that only the perform step is being run.


The `peformResume` step is never being called even though I can see that my API has successfully sent a POST request to the callbackUrl it was given.


The Zapier Zap builder does not seem to wait for the performResume step either, it just returns data from the initial API call, which is not helpful because it does not contain the final result.


I have tried a bunch of things and even copied the ‘callback’ example from github to see if I need to return something special from the perform step in order to tell zapier to wait for my webhook, but nothing seems to work.

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