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  • 25 February 2021
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Is it possible to specify an order for the output fields? We are using dynamic output fields to generate the labels to display for each property returned in the output, but getting the list of these results in the next actions always shows the fields in a different order than what was specified.

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3 replies

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@khakman I think some more context and possibly screenshots would help give a better answer,


But depending on the app where the data is coming from yes it may come in a different (unpredictable) order. One of the ways to fix this is to contact the developer of the app that is providing the information and getting them to provide it with key:value pair instead of in a single “Custom Field” key with the value set to all of the fields and names… 

With some apps I’ve been able to do this with a simple code step, but I’d need to see the data and know which app it’s coming from. 

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Hi @PaulKortman. We are developing the app for TeamworkIQ. 
Here is an example of how the output fields are displayed

As you can notice, we are generating the labels for each property using the outputFields object, where the properties are grouped based on the second level “5001”, “5002” value. But when they are displayed that order is not being followed.

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Ya know, I’ve never looked into the logic behind the order that Zapier displays the fields, however, what I do know is that there is little to no control over it on our part as app developers. Zapier users are pretty familiar with the search function in the field selection tool for this reason, the order really does not matter in the field selection tool.