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Optional State is missing error on OAuth test

  • 11 June 2020
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Just starting out setting an integration and trying to get OAuth v2 working. I’ve removed the optional “state” param from the authorization url options. Though when running the test if the auth works and can walk through the Oauth steps but when I’ve allowed access for zapier to my api I get the message “The `state` parameter is missing from the querystring.”

The state is optional but it looks like it’s required. Is there something I’m doing wrong or is it a bug and is state required?

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Best answer by dennis 22 June 2020, 06:11

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3 replies

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@dennis  What is the Application you want to integrate with Zapier?  Have you reviewed their API documentation to see what the parameters are?  Can you share a screenshot of what you have built so far?


@David Mercer Yes, reviewed the docs. I have now implemented the ‘state’ param in my application and problem solved. Though imho the state param should be marked as required in Zapier or it’s a bug and the state param should be made optional.

Hi, I am trying to integrate WIX to zapier. What do i need to do with this error i get:

“The `state` parameter was provided but appears incorrect”