Oauth2 bundle authdata refresh_token failed


I searched for an answer before posting but I didnt found it.

Im trying to use OAuth2 from my Zapier developer back office.


The first request work well Access_token_request


but the refresh_token request doesnt work

It seems the bundle.authData.refresh_token is not stored correctly.

If I enter my refresh_token manually, it work well. ( the real refresh_token instead of bundle.authData.refresh_token)


Our API return the tokens like this

So the parameter is call “refresh_token”


If i try in form mode, I have no {{bundle.authData proposition



Have you any idea ?

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Hi @HugoHelloasso - Just checking if you still have this problem.

Hello @ikbelkirasan 

Thanks for asking.

I wrote to Zapier support and got a response from them, everything is fine with the operation of the application.

But I think I understand what's going on.

The problem seems to occur only in the settings of the oAuth2.

My access token only lasts 30 minutes and the refresh token fails (inside the Oauth2 configuration dashboard).
I then have to reconnect my account every 30 minutes if I want to perform tests.


If the operation of the application is not disturbed it is good for me but maybe you should take a look.