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Need Callback/API for Alert Status triggered by our App

  • 26 September 2020
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Hi there,

I'm working on Zapier Integration for an App (Outfy) on Zapier which helps in Sharing Post to Instagram Bussiness Account. I've successfully created a trigger from my side which sends the Image URL & caption to Zapier. In trigger response, I received this.
{"id": "eeb23846-4a68-41d3-94ac-5a36fb3a9df7", "request_id": "5f6de14c-5bd5-4c98-8e58-309c5dc66da0", "attempt": "5f6de14c-5bd5-4c98-8e58-309c5dc66da0", "status": "success"}

But my issue is, whether there any way to find that the Action is successfully triggered or not. For Action in Zapier, we are using Instagram Bussiness App.
I can see, Post is successfully shared on Instagram, and on Zapier Task Log it also showing success but is there any callback or API using which we can find the response of Action associated to the trigger which we send.

Please help me out here.


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Hi @santosh, With a Zapier integration, your app is only aware of what goes on with the triggers and actions you build, and only have access to the data the user explicitly decided to share with your app when they map data to your input fields.  You’ll have no visibility into what goes on in the other steps in your user’s Zap.

However! To get a callback upon completion of an action step, you might consider creating a new action in your integration that the user can map the output of the IG (or any other app’s) action step into, and effect the callback you’re looking for.  The Zap would look like:

Your integration’s trigger → Another integration’s action → Your integration’s action.

The challenge is making sure your users set that up correctly.  This is where Zap Templates and Shared Zaps come in.  Since you have a nice, specific workflow in mind, you can build that whole Zap and share it as a complete workflow with your users, as a Zap Template or Shared Zap.  Both options become available once you publish your integration.