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Multiple-entry input fields

  • 24 July 2023
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What this the syntax for creating an input field, using the CLI  environment, that allows for multiple values to be supplied?

inputFields: [
key: 'FileID',
label: 'File ID',
type: 'string',
helpText: "The IDs of the files to be retrieved.",
required: true,
multiple: true, // ?
list: false,
altersDynamicFields: false,

When this field is posted, how are multiple values denoted?  A comma-delimited string or an array of strings?

bundle.inputData.FileID = 'A','B'

// OR

bundle.inputData.FileID = ['A','B']



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Hey @craibuc ,

Great question!

In the CLI, the relevant property is list

When list: true, the user is able to provide multiple values, and Zapier will store them in an array:

For example, a field like this…

key: "fruits",
label: "Fruits",
helpText: "Enter some fruits",
list: true

...would present like this in the editor (where a new input appears after each entry)…


...and by default, bundle.inputData.fruits would be passed as an array:

["Apple", "Grape", "Watermelon"]


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If only one value is supplied, is it an array of one item?

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Hey @craibuc ,

Yes, if only one value is supplied, it’s formatted as an array of one item. 

For example, here...

bundle.inputData.fruits has a value of [ 'Apple' ]