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"Load More" in performList

  • 3 February 2022
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When setting up.a zap trigger,  if user clicks “load more” in the trigger sample data , the `` gotten in performList is always 0. 
It doesnt increment. 
So additional records are never fetched. 
What is the purpose of the “load more” button? 
And how do I load additional records in sample data? 


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Badge +9 supports triggers used to populate dynamic dropdowns, and triggers used with the Transfer feature. As you’ve observed, Zapier’s not paginating to get more samples

There’s another flag bundle.meta.isLoadingSample that will tell you when your trigger is being run to support a user in the editor getting sample data to use for mapping, but this doesn’t convey state in the same way (first request, second request, etc).

The sample loader will pull in only the first 3 items from the result set returned.   So if you send 100 items, Zapier will show the user 3 of those. If “load more” calls the API again, and the API returns the same 100 items in the same order, it’ll never show the other 97 to the user. Only when something new is at the top of the result set will it get displayed to the user. 

A not uncommon use case: while setting up a Zap and choosing a sample, users will navigate over to their app, create a new piece of data they want to use for mapping, then return to the editor and hit “load more” to use that item they just created to finish field mapping in the Zap editor.

In general this supports how most users consume samples, but there could be some opportunity to make this better.     

This was a good question and spawned some conversation internally about how we might improve on this part of the product as part of some future work going on at Zapier, as well as an area I’d like to clarify in our developer documentation.