Issues with OAuth2 flow

  • 29 April 2021
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Hi there, 

I’ve got some API documentation that I’m working with to get some OAuth2 set up. 

I’ve successfully got the application to go to the Authorize endpoint, where I can choose the scopes etc, but when I click confirm on the brand’s page, and I guess it’s making a POST to the Access Token endpoint I’m getting the result “Field named access_token not found in OAuth2 results”.


Access Token:

Taking the auth_code from the URL when Zapier tells me the “Field named access_token not found in OAuth2 results”, I can curl the Access Token endpoint and get a valid token.

I’m assuming that I’ve got something incorrectly configured, and I wonder if it’s down to the way that the brand is returning the authorization code?


Any help welcome! 

Thank you in advance. 

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2 replies

Probably worth mentioning the URL that is provided after Authorize looks like this:

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