Is there a way to supply sample data to a sub-zap?

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Is the a way to supply sample data to a sub-zap during development?

Currently, this doesn’t see possible:


The lack of sample data makes testing the sub-zap nearly impossible, particularly monitoring a path.


What is your recommendation?

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Hi @benjamink9 


You can do that by doing the following: 


  1. Add a Return from SubZap step in this zap first
  2. Go to “Call a Sub-Zap” in your other zap 
  3. Click on Refresh Fields
  4. The fields you entered here will appear there, you can then map them
  5. Click Test
  6. Go back to this trigger and check the Test Data (you might need to click on Load More)


Hope this helps. 

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Thanks for the response. 

Are there any plans to make this less cumbersome?

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Im not sure about that. But since its still in Beta I guess so. 

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