Is it possible to set and access some preset global constants (my email and mobile) in my Zaps?

  • 26 October 2021
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So I just setup two Zaps, and it was fun and easy:

  • send me a txt when an customer event happens in CRM via Webhook
  • send me a txt when an customer event happens in WordPress via Webhook

I filled in my mobile number each time. I thought about clicking “Share” but stopped when I remembered my number is in the Zap. And I thought to myself, and maybe this question should be re-titled as: “Can I access my email and mobile number in a Zap when it wasn’t in any of the source trigger?

I supposed I want a global constant variable. Available to all my Zaps.

Is that what a named variable is?

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3 replies

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@tomachinz to clarify your question:


Are you asking if, when you share a zap, if something you typed in as a constant (such as your phone number as the receiving phone on an SMS) will be available to the person you shared the zap with?

Yes that is what I mean! Basically, that’s why I didn’t share my Zap.

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Well lets find out! 


Here is a simple zap I created. Can you see my info in it?