Is Anyone Familiar With Circle, Notion, Chatbot And Zapier Integration?

  • 16 January 2024
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Hi Guys,

I’m asking for quite a big favour really.  Nation Innovation is a company I’ve created to harness the power of collective human ingenuity, Technological Innovation & Community, the primary agents of change.  We/I (It’s literally just me right now and non-exec director Jan Younghusband, Head of BBC Music Broadcast for 12 Years but not much use when it comes technology! We own all the rights to create EARTH DAY Blockchain, Token, Collectibles, Wallet, Exchange, Digital Bank Account, Ecommerce, Apps, VR, AR etc.  And lots of other very exciting huge projects. The first AI record label and many things. So loads of rights and two useless left hands when it comes practicals….We’re also collectively going to be building a Nation Innovation world and community within Unreal Engine as an innovation hub and for holding major Earth Day Concerts.  

Is there or are the one or two incredibly kind, hopefully exceptionally genius souls who could build the community franework we need in place. which A Circle Community with a larger number of people, linked to a Notion (workspace?), setting out the various tasks and jobs within Notion and incorporating chatbots & ecommerce.  It’s not all immediately essential.

What is immediately essential is that I have a community space (CIrcle Best for this?), A precatical collaboration space (not familiar with either but prefered notion to slack from what i’ve read) so that I can invite the key collaborators to one space.  At the moment I’m having to send 60 individual messages on upwork, it’s crazy.  

I’m allocating a certain amount of all profits, or Eday tokens to this innovation community.  The token and the NFT’s are so unique and, really exciting but not much time left to build it all.  Cant go into too much detail until Patents applied but they will be directly linked to realtime environmental data via ai

So I really need some help!

Of course you will benefit and part of the community and therefore receive tokens, some profits etc.

So if that sounds easy for you to do or if anything about this excites you then please could I have a serious helping hand from one or two.

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