Invalid Paygroup Description / DepartmentCode / PayrollCode combination

  • 14 July 2023
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I’m attempting to create an employee with a POST to /v1/employees using this body:

"LegalEntityId": {{Legal Entity ID}},
"Prefix": "Mr",
"FirstName": "Charles",
"MiddleName": "Lutwidge",
"LastName": "Dodgson",
"Suffix": "V",
"Gender": "Male",
"BirthDate": "1944-04-01T00:00:00Z",
"Ethnicity": "AmerIndorAKNative",
"SocialSecurityNumber": "555555555",
"MaritalStatus": "Single",
"Veteran": "Yes",
"Disability": "Yes",
"HireDate": "2000-11-01T00:00:00Z",
"ReHireDate": "2020-05-21T00:00:00Z",
"EmployeeNumber": 12345,
"AlternateEmployeeNumber": 1234567890,
"Status": "Active",
"DepartmentCode": 10,
"WorkLocation": "Cincinnati",
"JobTitle": "Accountant",
"Type": "Regular",
"PaygroupDescription": "Weekly",
"Flsa": "SalaryExempt",
"PrimaryAddress": {
"StreetLine1": "4811 Mongomery Road",
"ZipCode": "45212",
"StreetLine2": "Building A",
"Suite": "Suite 100",
"City": "Cincinnati",
"State": "OH",
"Country": "USA",
"County": "Hamilton"
"HomeEmail": "home@domain.tld",
"WorkEmail": "work@domain.tld",
"Phones": [
"CountryCode": "+1",
"AreaCode": "513",
"PhoneNumber": "555-2300",
"Type": "Home"
"CountryCode": "+1",
"AreaCode": "513",
"PhoneNumber": "555-2300",
"Type": "Mobile"

When I do so, I get a bad-request (400) error: 

Invalid Paygroup Description / DepartmentCode / PayrollCode combination


I don’t see the PayrollCode mentioned in the documentation:

What am I missing?

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Hey @benjamink9 ,

Taking a look at those docs, I’m also not seeing any references to PayrollCode for that endpoint, which is odd. 

One thing that does stand out to me is that PaygroupDescription and DepartmentCode must match existing resources. I’m assuming “Weekly” and 10 are valid options respectively, but if you haven’t already done so, it might help to try the GET requests below to fetch existing resources and check the values.

Otherwise, unless others in the community have experience with this API, I might suggest reaching out to Paycor directly to see if they have any insights on the relevance of PayrollCode.