Input designer testing the wrong endpoint?

  • 8 December 2023
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When trying to test my new action created with the input designer it errors and the logs are from the wrong end point?


Instead of posting to /assignments it is getting from /users 
Whats happening?


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3 replies

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Hi @Someone else ,

Is /users perhaps the endpoint that’s being used in the authentication’s Test request?

If so, this might indicate that the authentication test request is failing before the platform is able to call the /assignments endpoint. 

In that case, it might help to check Monitoring or re-connect the account and try again.

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I think you are right, or its certainly related.

I have several Accounts, and it seems to keep reverting to the wrong one after I select the one I made for testing today. It also through me that it seems to hit the authentication test url multiple times.

However that said with the correct account selected before each run I am getting a little further.

Should I raise a separate issue for JSON list formatting issues I can now see?

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@Someone else , yes, please feel free to make a new post regarding the JSON formatting.

Alternatively, you’re also welcome to reach out to our Platform Support team for assistance: