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  • 31 August 2021
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My software syncs orders from one database to another. Here is our object:

Order Number

Order Details




An order can have multiple details. How do I set up order details in the input designer? Do I use dictionary as the object type? How do users map SKU and quantity from Zapier?

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3 replies

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That looks like a “Line Item”:

Your action will expect the trigger (or previous action step) to return an object that has an array of objects that contain your order details, and Zapier will map that data into an array to send to your API.




What is the difference between triggers and actions? I notice your doc says action. Do triggers only support flat level data?


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Triggers define events that a user can use to start workflows (Zaps).

Actions define things that the user wants to do with data from triggers, or prior action results.

Line items are only relevant to actions. For a trigger, it’s always the first step in the process - there’s no way to map an array input from another step into it. Trigger inputs are really just about allowing the user to narrow down the events they are interested in using to start workflows.

If your trigger is returning an array, no problem, that’s not something that has to be configured in the input designer.