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Inconsistent wrapping between performlist test sample and an actual sample from perform rest hook trigger

  • 9 August 2023
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I am making a rest hook trigger using performList to give a test sample for the user to be able to map. I follow the same pattern as this example: except my output field are dynamics so I must rely on a sample queried from my API.

when performList, Zapier wraps the sample queried from my API like so:

But does not wrap it evenly in perform 

Here is an history of Zap run between my trigger and a google sheet action that consists of creating a new row:

The mapping for COL$A, COL$B and COL$C here are based on the sample obtained from my performList hook.

But actually the data pushed by my rest hook trigger is:

Which I would expect to be mapped like the test sample, as a zapier post-process. (hidden from my cli-integration POV)

There is no longer the automatic zapier wrapping with fullfillmentValue property. My push is taken as is.

Therefore I get empty/blank value in my action app.



Thank you


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Solved, it was actually the promise wrapping when using then on the promise:

I used await and now its ok.