How to use API Key Authentication in my custom app?

  • 14 March 2022
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Hi, everyone.

I’m going to integrate my custom app with Zapier using Webhooks api URL.

My idea is:

  1. I will create api-key from my custom-app.
  2. I will register this api-key into Zapier account, and with this api-key I’m going to access Zapier account to get webhooks api URL.
  3. Once I get the webhooks api URL from zapier account with this api-key, I will call the webhook api from my custom-app so it will excute proper action (create Notion database) in Zapier account.

This is my idea. Is it possible?
If it’s possible, then where I will register my api-key generated from my custom-app in Zapier account?

Thank you.

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2 replies

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Hey @jeff-thetrackapp, welcome to the Community!

I can see that you’ve also reached out to our Support team about this and it sounds like you’re wanting to know where/how to generate the API Keys for users of your integration, is that correct?

If so, this wouldn’t be something that’s done within Zapier when building your custom integration. The API Keys would need to be automatically generated on the app’s end. Once your app is able to automatically generate API keys for your users, you’ll then want to set up the API Key authentication in your custom app integration - Authentication — API Key Auth

We can’t advise on how you would need to go about adding an API Key generator functionality into your app. But I’d recommend doing some research online for possible API Key generator resources or third party apps that you can incorporate into your app to handle the the auto generator.

Hope that helps! :relaxed:   

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Hi, Sam B

Thanks so much, grateful for your reply.
Now, assuming we generate the Api key in some recommended way.
How do we use it to notify Zapier of any changes to data for that user?
As a simple use case, let's say a user of our app created a Zap from our app so that the user gets an email everytime someone visits his / her website.
The backend for the website needs to notify zapier of the visit, using the Api Key right? But what Rest Api / Webhook can we use to notify Zapier from the website backend?
Hope this question was explained well by me but happy to clarify further.