How to send Dynamic API URL

  • 30 July 2021
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Hey everyone I am new to zapier i have an issue regarding my Api call letsjust give an example whenever i call update Api it has a different id for every row 

for eg:

This is example url and the part after moosaib/ is a oe_id which is considered as an id in our project I am facing the issue that the last part of the url changes for every row and i dont know how to keep it dynamic in zapier for every call like where we do not need to enter oe_id every time it should just gettriggered whenever i update any row in my app.


Take this for example using {{bundle.inputData.oe_id}} i am entering it everytime i create a zap or edit it, but obvious it only work for one row because its a unique id for that particular row only i want this dependency to be gone where i dont have enter oe_id every time . it should fetch from the url automatically. This is trigger part of my app.

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