How to send access_token when running a trigger?

  • 11 June 2021
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I am totally new to zapier.

I am implementing a custom api and I am using Oauth2 as authentication method in zapier.

I have been able to reply with the access_token, but when I receive the request from the trigger I do not receive the access_token or any info which allows me to identify the user.

am I missing something?

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1 reply

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In each API request, you’ll need to make sure you’ve configured the appropriate headers and/or params. The tool will set good defaults for you, esp for auth types with strong conventions like OAuth2, but this is the first thing I’d confirm if you’re not seeing what you expect on the server side.

I’d also confirm that you really have an access_token in your authData object at the end of your authentication. Perhaps add some z.console.log statements to check, and a properly designed auth test request configuration should exercise your authorization mechanism to confirm everything is in place before allowing the user to move forward in Zap setup.