How to resolve output "friendly name/labels" in "Trigger" automatically

  • 30 May 2020
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Hello everyone,

I’m facing an issue related “Output result” from my “Trigger”.
Example: My “Trigger” will return result: 
  "id": "3cc53c6a-c1be-4b35-8d95-4cb6b10df0f2",
  "name": "Product One",

  "customField68b13c15-dca4-4379-b886-e330ceb5b366": "0",
  "customField90d4edc4-6ad7-4369-a896-294589326239": "1",
  "customField0c720c0b-fee1-4b2f-91c1-94c8797f34b8": "1",
  "customField2b8276ce-b4ec-4577-a1e3-834aad278426": "",
  "customField621d5f06-5d32-44e1-b1d9-27616221b66c": ""


I expect it will show “friendly name” for all custom fields in “Next step” of Zap apps. instead of “customfieldIds”
We have hundreds of “customFields”, so we can’t input manually one by one “Output Label” for each custom fields.

Please let me know how can solve the highlighted issue.

Thank you.

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3 replies

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Please see my response in a duplicate post:

Hi @Mercology 

Please have a look my detail question in this thread:

Thank you.

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Hi folks! I’m going to close this thread so that we can focus on the other one - thanks!