How to force an update in api configuration when fields are added to input designer

  • 28 February 2021
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I am using the Integration online tool to create a Action

I need to add additional fields to the Input designer , but when i do the api configurator does not add the fields either in form mode or code mode.


Is there a way to force the update without starting from scratch again?

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That is odd - I’m not sure why the new field is not getting added to the request configuration if your request is using “form mode”.  I just tested by adding a new field and confirming the field was added to the request configuration.  

If your request is a POST we’ll add it to the body. If it’s a GET we’ll add the new field to the URL params. I point that out in case the tool is adding the fields - just not where you need them or where you’re noticing them.  

If your request is in “code mode” we won’t try and add the field - the tool doesn’t attempt to do that level of introspection on JavaScript code.   In code mode you’ll need to add the mappings to your code.  Or use a spread operator to just map everything that’s passed in.  

In any case, you don’t need to start from scratch. If you add an input field and for whatever reason it’s not automatically getting added to the configuration, or it’s added in a place other than where you need it, you’ll be able to add that mapping directly - either to the code, in code mode; or to the request configuration in form mode.  In form mode we provide tab completion to make that even easier.  

For form mode, be sure to expand the options in the request, and select param/header/body to manage the appropriate section of the request configuration.


Hopefully that gets you up and running!