How to design first workflow?

  • 1 April 2021
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I don’t understand how to structure my first workflow in Zapier.

We have events with guests subscribed to them. We want allow our customers to create a zap where they log-in in our app, choose an event and then this step returns the list of guests, this list must be available to other zap to process, for example write in an excel a row for every guest where each column are the fields in json.


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5 replies

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@trony, not sure if I completely follow your workflow you want to automate. Can you maybe elaborate on what you want to achieve and which tools you currently use?

Please also have a look at this great guide which helps you get started with your first Zap:

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Hi @trony!


Could you confirm whether or not you’re building an integration for your app using that Zapier developer platform? Or are you trying to set up a Zap using other integrations?

Hi @Danvers,

Yes first steps in building an integration for our app/website.


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Thanks, @trony - I wanted to make sure that your question is in the right category so that folks know the kind of help that you’re looking for :slight_smile:

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I’d suggest thinking about this workflow slightly differently for the Zapier user. I’d think about building a Trigger that will run a user’s Zap each time an individual guest is added to an event. Or when a guest RSVPs. Or when a new event is created, etc.

Similarly you might have some actions that invite a person to a selected event, and/or an action that creates an event, etc.

When designing a Zapier integration, it’s best to think of Zaps as a real-time event streams, rather than an on-demand, bulk processing model.