How long is data kept for in Zapier? And how secure is it?

  • 14 November 2023
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I’ve created a zap that gets some data from one endpoint and sends it to another endpoint. My question is how long does that data exist for in Zapier? Does it only exist for the lifetime of that one Zap run? 


I also use Zapier storage, and I clear the storage once a week - after clearing Zapier storage I’m assuming the data is completely gone from Zapier? 


Is the data that the Zap makes use of secure whilst it is in Zapier? I know any handling of data in code steps or our own integrations is up to us to make sure it is secure, but if one step of the Zap has a GET request for example and it retrieves data from an endpoint. Will that data be kept secure as long as it exists in Zapier?

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Good question.

Some links to reference: