How can JSON results be obtained when computing the output fields?

  • 26 April 2022
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I’m using zapier-cli to implement my own integration. In some particular triggers and actions, the field keys are dynamic and non-human-readable. Because of that, I’m using outputFields to provide friendly labels that map to those fields.
However, when I trigger the outputFields call I have to use bundle.inputData meaning I need to re-execute what I did in the perform step again.

Is it possible to have the JSON result obtained from the perform step available when I want to compute the outputFields? That way I can only add labels to what was responded from the previous step. For instance, I have a search/find action that looks like this:



perform: actionService.searchChecklist,

outputFields: [outputFieldsService.getOutputFields],




So basically here I want getOutputFields to use what was returned by searchChecklist


Thanks in advance!

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