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How are Zapier automations implemented on the backend?

  • 27 October 2021
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I just wanted to know how Zapier automations were implemented on the backend. Do you spin up docker containers and run each user’s automation code inside the container depending on the zap they’ve created? 

So e.g if a user with ID “USER123” creates a zap that integrates Gmail with Facebook by capturing a lead, how does that automation run on the backend? What kind of code was written to run this kind of automation and does that code continuously run forever?

I’m not sure if this is confidential information regarding the platform but I really think Zapier has an amazing solution and wanted to know how they had implemented running automations on the backend as I’m trying to run automations myself in my own app. 

I would really appreciate any help and guidance on how automations like Zapier could be run on the backend. Thank you in advance.


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Welcome to the Community, @ARTester403!  

The process is a bit more complex than that. The code for each app integration is run on AWS Lambda, but I’m not able to disclose the exact process behind it.

That said, we do have some general information on how the platform works which you may find useful: How does Zapier Platform CLI Work?

Hope that helps! :)

Thank you for letting me know :). I will definitely look into Zapier’s CLI. I think I might even be able to do what I need by using Zapier’s platform. Thanks for the guidance, really appreciate your help.

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You’re welcome @ARTester403. Glad I could help! :)